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Time and Space Weather – A New Addition

Saturday, June 23rd, 2012

So, what is the odd looking stuff on the right side of the page?

The first block of data is information on current solar aspects of  “space weather,” or information about the current state of conditions on the sun affecting the earth.  While a perhaps just a curiosity, at best, to most viewers here, this block contains significant information for anyone interested in current conditions relevant to radio broadcasting.

As the saying goes, if you need much more explanation that this, then you may not really need to know! <g>  If you do need more information and do want to know, however, you may either click on the display of the solar data to go to the appropriate web site, or feel free to contact me via this site’s contact page, or go to the Propagation and Solar-Terrestrial Data site directly by clicking this link.  For even more information on space weather, in general, see the web site of that name:, or look into the subject on the NASA web site (

The second block of data shows the current time for your time zone as calculated by the US’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and broadcast from radio stations WWV and WWVH.  This is as accurate a time source as you will find.  More information about the time display itself can be obtained by clicking on the clock, while more information about the both the US Government’s time services and the history of timekeeping can be found by going to the web site and viewing the exhibits referenced on that page.

I hope that at least some of you find all of this as useful as I do.